The Power of Leftover Cupcakes


Several weeks ago my eldest son turned 3. The occasion was every bit the "to do" being that it was thrown by a pair of first-time post terrible 2's survivors.  We booked a venue, sent out invitations, and of course, made arrangements for the only thing we as human beings look forward to, as another year of our lives falls off the radar...cake.

My wife decided to go with cupcakes, and I for one had no complaints. Being a self proclaimed specialist of all things spongey, I quickly insisted that we go with an assortment of yellow and chocolate cake, crowned by vanilla and chocolate butter cream.  She agreed. As the big day drew closer, my visions of biting into a soft, sweet, round, cake formed by cup became clearer.

The day had come. After 3 cupcakes at the party I was feeling confident and proud of my Mr. Miagi-esque restraint and discipline.  All seemed to be going well, but what started out innocent ended up criminal.  Once the goodbyes had been said and the goodie bags had been given, I was left with the leftovers.

The next 24 hours were epic.  Alone I faced almost 2 dozen warriors of the dessert table, skilled in the art of temptation. The battle was fierce, but in the end, only one was left standing...hardly. I took on more than my fair share in hand to mouth combat, and after a full day at arms, I was left to revel in the aftermath.  I was boisterous in my triumph over the soldiers of sweet until the fruits of my labors caught up with me.  The stomach ache, pain in my right knee, and migraine all didn't bother me as much as realizing I completely lost control of myself. At first glance it would appear that I was the victor, but in reality, it was my will power that had been defeated.

Here are a few tips to prep you for battle against your favorite foods.

1.  Never underestimate your opponent. The foods you love are powerful.  Make peace with the fact that they are going to pick a fight. 

2. Preparation is the key. Prep your stomach for exposure to your guilty pleasure by  filling up on spinach leaves and tomatoes at the salad bar. You will feel full, but that's  better than making 3 trips to the dessert table for cinnamon rolls.

3. Sharing is caring.  Bringing that leftover coffeecake to the grumpy neighbors across the hall could be a good way to score a smile in the elevator the next time everyone is standing there feeling awkward. 

4. No one likes getting dumped. That includes your grandma's famous shrimp casserole. But when you are out of options, and feeling vulnerable, sometimes the trash can be your savior.  

The foods you love should be enjoyed.  Don't ruin those opportunities to indulge by losing control of yourself.  

 ~Chris Falcon


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