Athletes turn to Plant Based Eating.


Over the past 18 months I have discovered the benefits of plant based eating. Similar to the idea that Columbus "discovered" a country that already had inhabitants for thousands of years, I know that what I have found is not revolutionary. Recognizing that my discovery does not entitle me to my own holiday led me to begin talking to other plant based eaters, and reading articles about their experiences.

Amazingly, people today need to be convinced that eating from the Earth could be good for them. What is even more interesting is that the people that recognize the importance of eating this way are still shocked at the benefits of taking on this lifestyle.

More recently, high level athletes have been among those who have been taken a back, by how adopting a plant based lifestyle can propel your performance forward. Plant based eating has been shown to decrease inflammation through out the body, ultimately leading to quicker recovery.

Here is an article on how plant based eating is turning the world of high level competition green.

-Chris Falcon

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