Summer Off-Ice Begins Tuesday June 17th 

                                         Training is every Tuesday and Thursday from 445pm-545pm



Spring Off-Ice Testing Top Performers 

Test Execise1st2nd3rd
13 Length RunCahill(1:32.20)Kenny(1:33.86)Healy(1:34.03)
20m SprintM.Kenyon(2.88)Kenny(2.92)Eidelman(2.97)
Double Horizontal JmpM.Kenyon(16'7")Kenny(16'4")Eidelman(15'4")
Kneeling M/b PressHealy(23'2")Kenny(23')M.Kenyon(22'6")
Lateral BoundM.Kenyon(L:7'5" R:7'8")Kenny(L:7'2" R:7'1")Bradford(L:6'9" R:6'3")
Pull-up Test (max)Eidelman/J.Kenyon(15)Kenny/M.Kenyon(12)Healy(10)
Push-up Test (max)Kenny(68)Eidelman(65)M.Kenyon(55)
Reverse T-DrillHealy(L:7.03 R:6.97)Kenny(L:7.77 R:7.72)M.Kenyon(L:7.84 R:7.66)J.Kenyon(L:7.98 R:8.00)
Sit-up Test (60sec)Kenny(44)M.Kenyon(42)Eidelman/Healy(37)

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                                                                                    Licensed Gliding Facility

Dear New Trier Hockey Club Players and Families:

 My name is Chris Falcon. I am a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, and founder of Reactive Performance Enhancement Center in Glenview. I want to begin by congratulating all of the New Trier Hockey Club teams on a hard fought season. I am sure there were plenty of highs and lows, but now is the time to put all of that behind you. Now is the time to begin visualizing what type of player you want to be in the coming season, and more importantly, what kind of team you want to be a part of.  I am fully aware of the rich history of success the New Trier Hockey Club teams have had, which is why my team of trainers and I are very proud and honored to have been selected to become a part of continuing that tradition.

 We all know that life will present many challenges on our way to success, but with each one of those hurdles comes an opportunity to overcome. Our ability to do this will depend largely on our willingness to embrace vision, preparation, hard work, and consistency. The off-ice program that we tailor specifically for your New Trier Hockey Club teams, will have those 4 principles at its core. Insulating those principles will be a progressive program, designed to excel the performance of each athlete while minimizing the chances of injury.

 In 1998 my first Philosophy professor Dr. Stephen Infantino asked the class, “What if you were walking in the desert, and you found a watch in the sand? Would you assume this watch came to be simply by accident, or would you assume that it had a maker?” What the late Dr. Infantino was referencing was The Watchmaker Analogy. This analogy is an argument that states that design implies a designer. It looks to prove that all things that exist with purpose and intention did not come to be simply by chance. Let’s let our intentions be known in the 2014/15 season, and not allow our success to happen on accident. Let’s make it happen on purpose!  


                                                                                           Chris Falcon NASM Cpt,Pes,Ces,Yes


Open Workout Days and Times:

Tues/Thurs from 4:45pm-5:45pm




  • Please make sure all athletes come with all consent forms and documents signed. *We cannot work with your child unless the Parental Consent Form is signed, and the Personal Training Contract is complete.
  • Please carpool if possible. Parking spaces are limited.

  • When dropping off your child please exit via circling around the building and using the west driveway to ease congestion. (RPEC employees will be present to assist with parking and exiting.

Parental Consent Form 1

Parental Consent Form 2

Personal Training Contract (please fill out top half, and provide credit card info in the space provided)

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Email Chris Falcon