Our Story

It wasn’t my intention to realize my dream of opening a performance personal training facility, in an 8,000 square foot space in Glenview.  However that’s exactly what happened in 2007 when Reactive Performance Enhancement Center opened its doors. The sales agent had the best of intentions when she guided us from our small nondescript personal training studio in Evanston, to the large end cap on Chestnut. The unit had been mistakenly listed at 4,000 square feet when it was clearly double. As we set course to cover the full 112 foot length of the unit, my wife looked over at me and said, “This place is way too big.” I looked over at the agent and said, “We’ll take it.”  

I don’t know what drove me to make that hasty decision that sunny fall afternoon, but I do know why I don’t regret it. Even though I had no plan for how I was going to pay for 8,000 square feet, I knew exactly what was going to fill it…heart!

-Chris Falcon Founder of Reactive P.E.C.